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2.9V 50Ah Na Sodium ion Battery Cell

Na ion Battery Cell

Model: HNA-50

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    2.9V 50Ah Na Sodium ion Battery Cell

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    Specifications (Verified)
    Gobel Power technician has verified the accuracy of following technical parameters according to manufacturer's data sheet. Gobel Power gurrantees the product is authentic.

    Model No.:
    Typical Voltage:
    Typical Capacity:
    AC Impedance Resistance:
    Life Cycle:
    Standard Charge/Discharge Current:
    Standard Charge Cut-off Voltage:
    Standard Discharge Cut-off Voltage:
    Continuous Charge/Discharge Current:
    Pulse Charge/Discharge Current (60s):
    Recommended SOC Window:
    Charging Working Temperature:
    Discharging Working Temperature:
    Self Discharging Rate:
    3.5% per Month
    Short Term Storage Temperature (< 1 Month):
    Long Term Storage Temperature (< 1 Year):
    Storage Moisture:
    Cell Dimension:
    Cell Weight:
    MSDS, UN38.3, CE
    Manufacturer Introduction

    Chao Zhou Chaona New Energy was established in August 2021 and is a globally renowned supplier of sodium-ion battery materials and products. With a team of professors from Zhejiang University at its core, the company integrates research and development resources across multiple platforms. It possesses over 40 core technologies and patents in the field of sodium-ion batteries, making it one of the few enterprises in the industry with the capability to develop sodium-ion batteries at its core. The company's products cover the key aspects of the sodium-ion battery industry chain, boasting leading technical indicators. It has established cooperative relationships with well-known enterprises such as State Grid Corporation of China, State Power Investment Corporation, and Meituan. Chaona New Energy upholds the mission of leading the upgrade of the next-generation energy storage battery industry. Through technological innovation, it strides into the realm of the future, aiming to become a leader in providing sodium-ion battery materials and products worldwide.
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    Model Summary

    2.9V 50Ah Sodium ion Battery Cell HNA-50

    Sodium ion Battery Cell CAD Drawing with Dimensions and Main Parameters

    Sodium ion Battery Cell CAD Drawing with Dimensions and Main Parameters

    wholesale lifepo4 280ah battery cell

    wholesale lifepo4 280ah battery cell

    The 2.9V 50Ah prismatic sodium-ion battery cell is a high-capacity energy storage device that utilizes sodium ions to store and release electrical energy. It is designed in a prismatic shape, which allows for efficient packaging and integration into various applications.

    With a voltage rating of 2.9V, this battery cell provides a stable and reliable power supply. The 50Ah capacity refers to its ability to store 50 ampere-hours of electrical energy. This high capacity makes it suitable for applications that require long-duration or high-energy output, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, and off-grid power solutions.

    Sodium-ion batteries are an alternative to lithium-ion batteries that have gained attention due to the abundance and low cost of sodium resources. These batteries use sodium ions instead of lithium ions for the intercalation process during charge and discharge cycles. This makes them a promising solution for large-scale energy storage and electric vehicle applications.

    The prismatic design of this battery cell allows for efficient utilization of space and easy integration into various devices and systems. It provides a compact and lightweight solution that can be easily arranged and stacked to meet the energy requirements of different applications.

    The 2.9V 50Ah prismatic sodium-ion battery cell offers advantages such as high energy density, long cycle life, and improved safety compared to other battery chemistries. It can withstand multiple charge and discharge cycles without significant loss in performance, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for the battery.

    Overall, the 2.9V 50Ah prismatic sodium-ion battery cell offers a reliable, high-capacity, and cost-effective energy storage solution for a wide range of applications, contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy systems.

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