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Authorized Production Program

Authorized Production Program

-- You Assemble, You Sell --

In the Authorized Production program, we offer all product components at the raw material cost, along with technical guidance. Your role is to assemble and sell the products, leading to reduced production costs and increased sales profit for you. Each product you assemble will showcase your logo, and we will supply an authorization letter, utilizing our brand advantage to enhance your sales volume.

What We Provide

All Components

Matched and pre-grouped cells, BMS, cases, cables and all components needed.

Technical Guidance

Assemble instructions, technical standards and all experiences we have.

Brand Endorsement

Our brand will be co-branded with your brand (whether individual or company).

What You Do

Assemble & Test

Assemble and test the batteries according to our standards.

Marketing & Sell

Market and sell the batteries in your local community or online.

Local Service

Provide installation guidance and after-sales service for local consumers.

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