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LiFePO4 Cells QR Codes Decoder (Beta)

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Now there is Grade A- LF280K cells in the market which also have original intact QR and official test report, but with worse quality as real Grade A cells. Here is how to distingush Grade A- cells with Grade A cells.

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How To Use Battery QR Decoder

1. Where to Find QR Code

All brand new LiFePO4 cells have metal QR Code (Data Matrix) on the cell body somewhere around poles. For example:

Metal QR Plate of CATL 302Ah Cell

2. How to Type QR Code

There are code on the metal QR plate. Valid code has to be 24 bits (or 19 bits for recycled cells), which is usually splited into two parts. These two parts have to be combined in right order. Some cells may have other letters which are not a part of code, these letters should be ignored. For example:

Code of CATL 302Ah Cell: Combine part 1 (001cb2400000) and part 2 (03b3c0221953) to get 24 bits code 001cb240000003b3c0221953
Code of EVE 280K Cells: Combine part 1 (04qcb76836300j) and part 2 (bc40000903) to get 24 bits code 04qcb76836300jbc40000903

3. How to Check If Your Code is Right

  • The code length must be 24 or 19.
  • The 4th letter of the code is for product type. It must be:
  • C for battery cell
  • P for battery pack
  • M for battery module
  • The 4th letter must not be letter other than C, P, or M.
  • For Example:

  • A765101015 (Wrong Code)
  • jbc4000090304qcb76836300 (Wrong code order, 4th letter is 4)
  • 04qcb76836300jbc40000903 (right code, 4th letter is c)
  • 4. What Cells Are Supported

    The decoder algorithm is based on "Battery Coding Standards" issued by China Goverment. Any codes following this standard can be decoded by Gobel Power Battery QR Decoder, such as LiFePO4, Ternary, LTO cells, modules and packs.

    By now, all codes' production date, product type, battery type and voltage (cells only) information can be decoded. Manufacturer, capacity information of EVE cells and some CATL cells can be decoded.

    EVE LF280K QR Format

    5. Use Phone Camera to Scan QR and Decode

  • Install QR/Data Matrix Reader in Google Play: Go to Google Play
  • In Setting->Custom search options, add following URL: "https://www.gobelpower.com/lifepo4_decoder.html?code={code}"
  • Now open the App, scan the code, you can decode it in Gobel Power automatically.

    Now there is reprinted QR code in the market, it follows same coding rules as original codes as shown in the picture.

    Reprinted QR on Original QR

    QR Decoder for EVE B Mark Cells

    Update Date: 14 May, 2022

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